A young man.

Oleg Belostotsky

software engineer, music lover & dreamer


... me

Another software engineer with great ambition. I focused on the web development and have front-end and back-end skills. When writing the code, I adhere to a good structured architecture, apply classical design patterns and use modern solutions for implementation of technical features. I am a perfectionist. And this is also the reason for spending time on fixing of different little details and optimization of applications.

I appreciate FOSS. Developers of such projects encourage others to realize of their dreams. It is a big deal! When it is possible, I participate in the improvement of IT communities.

In 2015-2016, I had the web project 10za7.ru about the proper nutrition. I wrote a book (in russian) about the basic principles and weight loss. Unfortunately, the project did not bring the expected result and it had to be rolled back.

Sometimes I write poems, paint, but my main passion is the hip-hop music. I really love these beats and basses. A classic, experimental or trap style, it does not matter. The important thing is to have a quality sound. Follow me on SoundCloud and VK.

If you have some thoughts, get in touch with me. Also at the top of the page you can find links on my social media profiles. I always open for a new experience and knowledge.

... this site

Basically, PHP is used: Zend Diactoros for the PSR-7 implementation and PHP-DI for PSR-11, Parsedown as a markdown converter. Among the JavaScript libraries: highlight.js to highlight the syntax. As a Normalize.css alternative, I think Pure looks fine. The web server deployed using Docker, nginx and hosted at DigitalOcean.