A young man.

Oleg Belostotsky

software engineer, music lover & dreamer

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  "data": {
    "type": "resume",
    "id": 30,
    "attributes": {
      "name": "Oleg Belostotsky",
      "role": "full-stack web developer",
      "location": "Saint Petersburg, Russia",
      "technical skills": [
        "Yii 1-2", "Symfony 2-4", "Codeception", "PHPUnit", "Behat",
        "React", "Flow", "Redux", "ES6",
        "Sass", "Less", "Webpack",
        "MySQL", "PostgreSQL", "Redis",
        "Linux server administration",
      "education": {
        "National Research University ITMO": {
          "degree": "Specialist of Information Systems and Technologies",
          "faculty": "Information Technologies and Programming",
          "end date": "Jun/2013",
          "graduation work": "An Android application with the feature of data synchronization through the own custom web API."
      "work experience": {
        "4xxi (Jan/2018-Aug/2018)": {
          "position": "Full-Stack Web Developer",
          "executable functions": [
            "Development of the ERP system on the Symfony PHP framework and JavaScript libraries using Webpack."
        "Independent Contractor (Apr/2015-Nov/2016)": {
          "position": "Back-end PHP Developer",
          "executable functions": [
            "Development and support of CMS on Yii 2 that unions a video and photo content network.",
            "Writing of content parsers, FFmpeg and ImageMagick scripts.",
            "Improving of legacy applications and code refactoring."
        "Freelancer (Jun/2014-Apr/2015)": {
          "position": "Web Developer",
          "executable functions": [
            "Development of Yii applications (web stores, information portals, business card websites).",
            "Managing message queues of a mailing list system via the Gearman job server.",
            "Creation of landing pages using HTML5, CSS3 and PHP to handle forms."
        "previous experience": [
          "Development of a Flash game on ActionScript 3.0 for VK, sold in 2013."
      "side projects": {
        "Yii 2 Advanced. One Domain Config": {
          "description": "A boilerplate with two separated applications: API (Symfony 4) and SPA (React).",
          "link": "https://github.com/mickgeek/symfony-react-restful-boilerplate"
        "Yii 2 Advanced. One Domain Config": {
          "description": "A project configuration for using multiple applications of Yii 2 on a single domain.",
          "link": "https://github.com/mickgeek/yii2-advanced-one-domain-config"
        "ActionBar": {
          "description": "A control bar with bulk actions for the GridView widget of Yii 2.",
          "link": "https://github.com/mickgeek/yii2-actionbar"